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Day in the life

You remember that day?

I mean:

The day when they took their first steps, or that day decided to wear your clothes, or that day when grandmother came, and they made ravioli together, the day you went to the Brussels flea market together?
Or that day when she discovered the hairdryer, or that day when jumping on the bed with the cousin was so much fun.

Real moments memories are so valuable, as once they’re gone, they don’t come back.
Children can be so funny and creative, everyday is different.

Hereby a small selection of images I took of my own daughter.
I enjoyed creating this webpage, reliving all the memories I captured. One day I am sure she ‘ll experience the same joy, when she discovers the photos.
There is only one thing missing in the pictures,  and that’s me. :-)
Make sure to hire your day-in-the-life photographer once in a while, for your memories to be complete.

Don’t rely on your smartphone, and make sur you’e in the picture.

Home life children boudoir wedding love Contact