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About 5 years ago…

…I photographed my first wedding.
I was terribly nervous, and would be so happy if I just ended up with a good shot of the 2 most important moments.
Which to me (like many beginners) were of course the exchange of the rings, and thé kiss.
Many years, weddings, classes and workshops later,
I realised that a wedding day is like a tsunami of important moments,
it’s like never ending:
There’s the first sunlight true the window,
the wedding dress, the people that are surrounding you,
the first time your father sees you in your wedding dress, the first look of your groom,
the walking down the isle,
your grandmother who specially came to see you,
much against docter’s advice,
the moment you get out of the car,
the moment you will read your vows, and than again you listening to his,
your mother trying to hide her tears…
I already skipped a lot of moments here, but you get the picture.
A wedding is not about rings, not about great food or luxury cars.
it s about you and the people that you care for
It is about the moment of you two having the greatest time of your life,

It requires a skilled and well equipped photographer to get the maximum out of every situation,
to find real moments, to feel the whole wedding trough your own perspective ànd your guests..
If your photos are as important to you, as they are to me,
be sure to reserve your wedding day in time.