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1650 euro all in.


2200 euro all in.

Diamond package:

2900 euro all in.


About pricing:

Organizing a wedding might be more costly than you expected,
and chances are that the weddingphotographer you dreamed of having, is not the one you budgeted.
Even though the difference shows clearly in the quality of his work, and way he handles and pictures you and your guests, the difference in pricing might cause you to let that dream go.
On the other hand, after years of being married, the only thing to hold on to are your memories, kept alive trough your photographs.
To be make sure that you are not paying too much for your photos,
I created the starbucks trick:

The famous starbucks trick:
Your photographer is not there to just serve you at your wedding day. He’s around for you (and your children) to be able to relive the moments of  your wedding day exactly as they happened, even tens of years later. Example: let’s be positive, and make it 50 years.
You now take the price difference between the photographer you budgeted, and the one you really want. Got that?
You divide that amount with the number of months that you supposedly will want to be able to relive your wedding (here: 600)
If the result is less than the price of a cup of starbucks coffee/month you might want to reconsider.

Our packages: