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Boudoir F.A.Q.

Question: Why would I need a boudoir photoshoot?
To be honest, there is absolutely  no reason.
There neither is a reason for chocolate, ice cream, or for Jimmy  Choo heels.

Question: Aren ‘t the women in your images models? I can never look so good.
Some of the woman in my portfolio are models, but most of them are not
You d be surprised what a little filtered daylight, and just a little make up can do.
Question: Will you use photoshop to smoothen my skin/make me look thinner?
I will not be using photoshop.
The right composition, poses, lighting, and a make up artist, and the right lenses will be engough for the result that I want to achieve.
.I want to make you feel good with the asets you have, I don t want you to become another person.
My photography can help you to look at yourself in an other way,
without having to obey to beauty ideals that are made up by society,

Question: Will y ou put my photos online?
 If I want to publish a boudoir image I will always ask first if you are ok with it.
I like keeping my clients satisfied and comfortable, better than a few days of online ffame
So don t worry about your images being kept secret.

Question: Will you see me naked, and will I be comfortable with that?
You will probably  not be wearing less clothes than if you would go for a swim, or to a beach.
I found in general my  boudoir clients to be less worried about nudity, than over things like weigtloss or bellywrinkles,
caused by  the birth of a baby. Somehow about half of my clients already had children.

Question: Will I receive digital images?
Upon request we will send you the images you selected for your album digitally for free.
Hires images without logo are not included.